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February 25, 2007



You're right to beware the blue food colouring. I made blue jellies for an underwater party when Mark was 5 and his poo was pretty amazing afterwards.

Sorry if that was sharing a little too much. Cute cupcakes btw.


you should try to make blue scramble eggs... amazing the things kids want to eat.

They're very scary looking by the way. I read somewhere that if you want to diet/eat less you should make your food blue with food colouring because it's a colour our brain doesn't associate with food and makes us want to eat less of it as a consequence... worth a go?

I guess they didn't mean blue cakes though!!


Wow they look lovely! I never did get looking at that book - remind me next time! How can you resist them? You are very restrained :)


Are those yummies packed in tins because you sent them away? That would be the *only* way I would ever resist eating one (or two or three)!

We received our Miniswap, thank you so so very much! Everything was immediately oohed and aahed over, and the bag is beautiful. I intend to blog about it all very soon, but I'll be devouring that chocolate a lot sooner...


i'm a sugar addict. i love me some cupcakes, chocolate chips cookies, madeleines, you name it, if it has sugar and baked in the oven i'm all over it.

and those look so good!

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