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September 13, 2006



Wow I bet she was. You truly are a domestic goddess, those cakes are perfect :-)


Congratulations on your commission. They look fabulous!


OMG!OMG! karen, they look super, wonderful, fabulous and yummy! i feel happy just looking at them. maybe "happy cakes" as a name, perhaps?


they are beautiful.

just a few minutes ago i got a craving for cupcakes! when i saw the blog title, i couldn't wait to take a peak!!!!!

they look yummy.


They look great! I will have to get some icing tips from you, it just never seems quite right when I do it :)


Look at all those cup cakes!


Very very impressed - lovely colours, lovely icing.

I'm laughing at Babybug's "happy cakes" which were something else entirely back when I was a student...


Those are the most adorable cupcakes I have ever seen!!


Wow - they look fab? Do you deliver? You need to set up a web site and delivery service - I bet you would get plenty of orders.

What about Butter Cupcakes/ Butter Cup Cakes ?


Wow - they look fab? The ? should have been a ! - sorry!


karen and ali,
please fill me in on what "happy cakes" were back in school! curious to know.


Lovely cakes! how much each?

Jessica :)

Hi! I have been toying with the idea of a small cupcake business here in that place they call the "new city" Milton Keynes,(Buckinghamshire)
Im beginning to do research into this idea...slowly but surely and was curious as to how you first started out.how many cupcakes did you first start to commision?

With Best Regards

Jessica Roberts

P.S your cupcakes look beautiful!! :)

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