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July 24, 2006



Wow. She sounds like a lonely, pathetic person with no self worth.

Pink Trees

I've been lurking for a few weeks but this post is bringing me out! To think that blogging is sad and takes up space is absurd! Obviously this person has never experienced blogging; the way friendships are developed, etc. I knew nothing of blogging until this past October and now I've found many new friends and a great community!


Janet makes a living out of being rabid.

(Maybe her blog didn't get any readers...)


I'm very new to blogging but I LOVE it! she's a very sad person who obviously has so little in her life if she couldn't find a blog that interested her - I mean just look at what's out there! I've spent hours going off at tangents totally absorbed!


Just jealous 'cause she didn't get there first. And did you see the other one on the independent about the English woman in France who wrote a blog/found a lover in a fan/left the father of her child/got sacked from work and now is suing the company? She goes on about how addictive it was and how she lost track of reality bla bla bla. How when her life was full of drama she had lots of readers, when she was happy and all was well her readership went down. It was kind of interesting.

People, eh?


Hehehe ;-)

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